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in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. in this high-tech age house calls are making a big comeback. a growing number of entrepreneurs earning extra income taking their business on the road, in most cases offering competitive prices and convenes. why go to the barber shop, when for about $30 a trim the barber will come to you. >> knowing somebody i'm helping somebody out that can't make it to salon makes me happy. >> reporter: the business is serving clients right where they live and while mobile merchants enjoy lower overhead and greater flexibility. >> not at a fixed location. look at results as they come in week by week and adjust where you get the most business. so the flexibility is really valuable. >> reporter: from pet groomers to mobile gyms, entire industry will come to you. rolling video arcades will entertain gamers right in the driveway. and mobile mechanics will fix your car at your garage, a fixed hourly rate generally lower than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. there are some limitations. >> we don't do everything, obviously. will not rep
top government administrator with a $423,000 annual salary. the "san francisco chronicle" says the alameda county official's base salary is $301,000. all right. she then receives $24,000 equity to make more than anyone else in the county. $54,000 of long jeflt pay for working there 30 years. annual performance bonus of $24,000. 9,000 for working on a three member land committee. $8300 her carl allowance. here is the kicker. when retirement comes, she still will be receiving more than 400,000 a year. melissa francis with me now, the host of "money". all about your money on the fox business network every night at 5:00. stephen moore, writer for "wall street journal" down with us in washington, d.c.. >> bill, great to be with you. bill: start with the lady. hope that is okay. >> ladies first. bill: is there a way to make sense? >> should have started with steve because there is no way to make sense of this, long jeflt pay? $54,000? can you imagine a reward for being in the job for so long? these are astounding numbers. if you add it up has average lifespan, this is guaranteed for
, that would take in what, anchorage, portland, san francisco, las vegas and los angeles in addition to hawaii. do we believe they are this capable with this range at the moment with a rocket system? >> no. they don't have that kind of range yet. but they're clearly developing that range. eventually they will have that kind of capacity because they have got the scientists and the technicians to be able to do that. and they certainly want to achieve that. they're going to advertise it because they use it as political brinkmanship in their negotiations with the united states. bill: one more thing here on this u.n. vote. it may grab a headline this afternoon. do you expect much if anything to come from new additional sanctions against north korea? >> there will be some sanctions, you know, in terms of some restrictions on international banking, some control of trade but the truth of the matter is, bill, we've been here before on sanctions and they developed a nuclear weapon. we've been here before on sanctions and now they have got a capability of a missile and a weapon. it will have no impact on
, possibly anchorage, alaska, in the north and or san francisco or los angeles. they argue for sure the koreans could hit hawaii or guam possibly in the pacific ocean. advance it one time. we mentioned the b-2 bombers. they took off from a military training exercise from white man airbase in missouri. they flew 6500 miles, dropped inert from and returned home. b-2 bomber is fearsome as a flying force and something pongyang is quite afraid of. they give this machinery a lot of attention. here is your 38th parallel too. it is about a week ago the north cut off communications with south korea. down here in south korea it hits home especially because of the american military presence there. alisyn has a bit more on that now. alisyn: i sure do. this makes this story bigger than threats and red i can. as bill mentioned we have 30,000 troops stationed in south korea stationed at a number of air force, army and navy bases. north korea wants removal of all u.s. forces in south korea and wants a formal peace treaty to end the korean war instead of armistice that essentially leaves the peninsu
other reported case of an hiv patient learning their virus had been turned. it was an hiv positive san francisco man who had leukemia and a bone marrow transplant. bill: what can this mean in the world's fight against pea at trick aid and that issue. >> reporter: an estimated 300 to 400,000 infants born globally each year with the infection. 90% of them are in resource-poor countries in africa. in the u.s. we are seeing dramatically fewer hiv births. scientists will do more research. they need to see if the what the doctor prescribed for her infant will work. what makes this case, bill, even more unique is you may know hiv patients undergo treatment for the rest of their lives. this baby had stopped, no virus. bill: incredible. a huge breakthrough if it holds. >> reporter: we are happy to hear it. martha: casey anthony is heading back to court today, the florida mom acquitted in the 2011 killing of her two waoerld daughte-year-old daughter caylee. steve harrigan joins us live as she is back in the news again. >> good morning, back in the news. it's not clear whether or not we will stul
is that possible, little stockton? if you look at the map in california everybody was moving out in san francisco, properties were too high there, same with palo at torques silicon valley, they moved to stockton. what could happen in detroit unless they start cutting more. if detroit has to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy municipal that would make headlines around the world and kind prus would be booted off the front page. >> that's what they are trying to do and -- >> the mayor and the city council loose all the authority they shr-fplt they've been trying and they can't do that. they can't negotiate contracts because a lot of them are involved in a roundabout way with the contracts originally put forth. he'll come in and say listen you're going to cut the spending right here or we are going bankrupt. he's come out and said i've been through bankruptcy before i'm okay going through it again in detroit. >> reverend jesse jackson calling for massive demonstrations gains him today. we'll see what happens. bill: new developments in the night to free an american pastor held in iran's most notorious pri
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6